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Familiar Places

Zephyrs of thought,

Though pain and agony – undulate

Under the mask, adumbrate

The Past – sliced & diced on this spot.

I have been here before,

It’s all too familiar – deep

Twisting knots, inwardly I weep,

Lonely rocks edging the shore.

Silence thick, silence is the air,

Ships lying shipwrecked – broken

Beams – earth’s token,

Everyone glares but no one cares.

You were in my thoughts,

You were the air,

Now I get only glares,

But my guts are in knots.

Closure is not given,

Only shades parade,

It cuts like a blade,

Fallen from Grace – and driven.

This is my home, my abode,

Nature has decreed it,

Others rejoice and benefit,

Loneliness is my new code.

By James Booker

July 9, 2015



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